I help you unlock your inner power. You have a limitless creative power that flows to and through you! Let me show you how to tap into this power and start manifesting the life you would love to wake up to every day. Inner happiness and outher success in business and personal life!

Coaching and mentorship are effective ways to progress in life. Whether you want to develop in your professional role or take new steps in your relationship, I can assist you. Through regular one-on-one sessions, new tools, and coaching conversations, you will gain new perspectives on your reality. Together, we bring out your inherent strength and potential, making it clear what needs to be done for you to succeed in reaching your goals.

The power of my coaching lies in providing you with the essential ingredients for extraordinary, sustainable success: ongoing support, detailed action plans, constructive feedback, and, crucially, mutual personal responsibility.

”A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself and helps bring it out of you.” Bob Proctor

My mentor, Bob Proctor (1934 – 2022), taught me how the human mind works, how I can influence my life and achieve the results I desire, how to live in success, and that I am born to freedom and success! This knowledge, which transformed my life, now guides me in my mentorship and coaching!

Several names that have meant a lot to me include Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Thomas Troward, Robert Russel, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

My mentors, my daily studies in books written by the very best in personal development and human potential, and my background as a specialized nurse in mental health, together with many years in leadership, makes me an expert on the human mind, success and high achievemnet.

A mentor is a person that has gone the path before you, and can guide you from where you are, to where you want to go.