Personal development and positive thinking

The biggest change after 6 months in the Thinking into Results program is that I’ve experienced personal growth where I have a more positive mindset. I focus more on what I truly want to do in life, my goals, and how to achieve them. I strive to raise my ”frequency” and be the best version of myself. I also work on my self-image and my paradigms, and I see my fellow human beings in a new light.

Lis Karin has been a fantastic mentor. She has great knowledge and a broad commitment. Lis Karin practices what she preaches, and you gain a lot of trust in her. She explains things in a simple and interesting way with examples and vivid imagery. She is very supportive and offers new perspectives on one’s difficulties/concerns. She is easy to reach and responds quickly to messages on Messenger. Additionally, every morning Lis Karin has led us through a meditation. A wonderful way to start the day.

Isabella Molin

The starting-point

3 weeks to take the first steps toward your success

Every successful fulfillment starts with a goal. During three weeks you will find out what is your heart-filled goal. What do you want?

Most people are not used to thinking in a limitless way, and therefore have no real goal, a goal that makes the heart jump with joy!

During these three weeks, you will get an understanding of your unlimited potential and from that point, you will find out your dream, your ideal goal!

You will get knowledge of who you are and what you are capable of! You will start to understand what is standing in your way, and how to get rid of that blocks.

Thinking Into Results


This is a life-changing program, transformation from the inside and out! You will get to know you and you will learn how to manifest your goals one after the other.

This program is for leaders and even if you have no one else to lead, you lead yourself! You will learn how to live from the inside and out.

Become the master of your life, decide what you want and reach it.

Thinking into Results is based on over 60 years of intence research and practical experience. Follow this learning system and you can have anything you seriously want. There is, however, one pre-requisite – you must really want it!

This a mentored

Lead The Field

120 days coaching with sandy and bob

There are a total of 12 Lessons covered in this dynamic 120 coaching program. That includes 12 audios, 24 videos and a complete action planner. Every ten days, you’ll receive a printed lesson from your action planner, the lesson itself in audio accompanied with a video, and then 5 days later, another video to take you even deeper on that lesson so you get the absolute most from it.

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