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The 3 of July – 5th of July at 12 pm GBT | 13:00 CET, one hour

Do not stay in the state of a caterpillar! It is time for you to discover your wings, your beautiful wings that takes you where ever you want!

And nothing absloute nothing can stop a woman or man with the right mental attitude! Not age, not background, not past traumas, not weakness in body, not money (or lack of it) or unpleasant surroundings – nothing!

You are a spiritual being that lives in a body under human conditions in this life! Your journey is a spiritual journey. Your attitude is your thoughts, your feelings and your actions put together!

What do you desire? Really desire?If everything would be possible for you, and you have all the resourses you need, what do you want? Where do you want to take your life and your business?

Find your true purpous and aim in life, the high goal you really desire! These three days will be a starting point for you, a first step to all you desire!

By an understanding of who you really are, what your beliefs are and how the Laws of The Universe works , you become able to take you wherever you want! Are you with me? Let your beauty shine and show up to the world in all your beauty!

Are you in an age for retirement but you don´t want to retire from life, only from the place you are right now – it is your time to step out in your fulfilled life now, to become the butterfly you are born to be!

Are you a businesswoman that feel stuck, and you have lost your hope in yourself about taking your business to the success you want? – it is your time to rise and shine and lift high as the butterfly you are born to be!

Are you a woman that in your whole life set yourself aside for other people, husband, children, relatives…_now it is your time to step into the life that is yours by birth. Be fulfilled, fearless and fabulous, the beautifull confident butterfly you are born to be!

Lis Karin has, through great dedication and by sharing the knowledge she has acquired from many sources, inspired a lot. She has great drive and a contagious positive outlook on life where she supports and rejoices in others’ development and progress, from baby steps to quantum leaps!”

Eva, wildlife photographer

Earlier client in Thinking Into Results with Lis Karin

Day 1 The caterpillar

As the pupa you build up yourself, make a new image of you, and find out more of what you really desire. Whats important now, it is to build up the confident you need to break through all false security, false beliefs of who you are, and break through the cocoon that holds you stuck, now it has done its job. You must further out in freedom.

Day 3 The butterfly

You are free! You see your wings, you feel them. This day we will speak about the importance to make a decision. You must decide to move your wings and fly. Yes I know, it is scary, it is out in the unknown. How do you know your wings works? Today we will speak about how you turn your fear to become something that makes you lift.


Lis Karin is a seasoned mindset mentor and life coach with a rich background as a mental health nurse, leader, and manager. She is also a certified consultant for the Proctor Gallagher Institute. At 58, Lis Karin transitioned from managing in a large company to establishing her own business, embracing a new chapter in her professional life.

Having dedicated herself to studying human potential, the mind, and Universal laws, Lis Karin transformed her own life profoundly. Inspired by her journey, she chose to fully commit to helping others—especially women—unlock their inner potential and lead purpose-driven, high-achieving lives.

A warm welcome to join us for three amazing empowering days!

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